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Download videos from Youtube with Flash2x Flash Hunter
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Flash2X Flash Hunter is an application that allows users to download video files from YouTube. With this program, you can watch videos from YouTube directly from the program's main window. You can browse any video, and once you've found the one you wanted, you can save it as a Flash file to your computer.
The program also allows you to navigate on YouTube as if you weren't using the application. You can watch any video on YouTube, read the comments, filter your search and download your favorite video file so that you can watch it whenever you want even when you are offline. The application enables you to convert the selected video file into an executable file very easily.
When you are watching a video with the program, a new window will pop up with the video's URL, so all you'll have to do to get it downloaded is to click on the 'Save as' button. The program is very easy to use and lets you select any output folder to save your video files to. You might need a FLV Player or a conversion tool to watch the video files once they're downloaded, considering their format. However, some media player support FLV files.

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  • It lets you download video files from YouTube
  • You can navigate on the website from the program's main window


  • It could convert the downloaded files into more popular formats
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